Seniors Yoga keeps you active and mobile, supporting healthy ageing.
Emphasis is on gentle movement, simple stretches and breath awareness.
Maintaining strength, balance and concentration.
You don’t need to be flexible or sit cross legged.
We will work with the body just as it is.
Each class begins with a focus on the breath, then gentle movement followed by relaxation and simple meditation.

Try it! You will LOVE it!

Suitable for all, men and women, over 60 yrs.
No prior yoga experience is required.

Our classes are kept small to ensure personalised attention and encourage each person to practice according to their own ability.

Our studio is fully equipped with props and blankets to make sure you get the most out of your practise and are always comfortable.

If you have any medical conditions or concerns, we always recommend seeking your doctor’s approval before commencing classes.  Any of your concerns can be discussed with us when you come in for you first class or before then either over the phone or in person.