Wish I could give this a 10 star rating!! I have been doing yoga here for a couple of years and absolutely LOVE it! Beautiful, calm and welcoming space with truly caring, inspiring and expert teachers. Couldn’t recommend more highly!!


The team at Umina Beach Yoga have developed a really great place for me to enjoy Yoga. It’s relaxing, which is exactly what Yoga is all about, thanks.


My impressions of Umina Beach Yoga: The big room where we do yoga, mandala at one end, palm tree glimpsed through windows at the other. Good teaching, kind and thoughtful teachers. Buddha and his flower offerings.

Wide choice of classes from flow to gentle and beginners. The guide dog, Ebony, who has her own yoga mat.


Dan and I have loved coming to our yoga classes. The Saturday morning beginner class is always different, building on skills but no 2 weeks are ever the same and the Monday yin class has been challenging but amazing. We both look forward to the classes.

Helen and Phillipa are incredible teachers,always ready with a modification to help us. We started coming as a way of taking time for ourselves and feel great. Thank you for your patience, fantastic classes and sense of humour.


I think it is a very rare and special thing Helen is offering. I feel very blessed to be having my second birth on the Central Coast with the support that has been available.

I think the opportunity to ‘rehearse’ the labour experience is invaluable for all, and will hopefully lead to many more happy, peaceful births.

My husband and I engaged in a birthing workshop with Helen. She was so flexible as she offered us a zoom workshop during lockdown, when other birthing classes we had been registered in just cancelled on us. This is just an example of what a kind and caring educator Helen is. She began the session with a check in and some breathing exercises. It was such a wonderful experience to hold my husbands hands and be present with one another as Helen guided us through the relaxation. We began the session feeling grounded and safe. The workshop was incredibly informative and she included very relevant examples we could relate to. She provided a range of techniques that I will be sure to use. I am so thankful to Helen as I know both my husband and I now feel confident going into this next journey together, during such an uncertain time in society. Thank you Helen.

Helen and her wonderful team at Umina Beach Yoga are the best practitioners of Yoga that I’ve experienced. There is a variety of styles offered and each session is carefully tailored, making them interesting and appropriate for the season. The health benefits that I have received, after just one month of yoga, are amazing and include; increased focus, body tone, better digestion and improved sleep. Umina Beach Yoga’s clean and friendly studio is like a sanctuary for me. This makes the whole experience a daily go-to for me. I can highly recommend Umina Beach Yoga as a great place to start or continue your yoga journey.


I find it hard to be still. I could never meditate or slow my thoughts. Yoga changed that for me. I learned to breathe. I learned to take big, deep, slow breaths in. I learned to exhale out not only air, but pain and worry and fear. These breaths gave me the strength to experience a natural, quiet, calm birth, without intervention, without any distractions to disrupt that all important post natal time.

The benefit didn’t stop there. These deep breaths also gave me strength when I needed it most. They stopped me becoming depressed when I was separated from my baby by 100km during her first night (as well as a good ol’ cry to my mum) and spent the night in a maternity ward alone. I breathed my way through walking Ruby to surgery, I still don’t know how my legs worked that day.

When we were told about CF being a real possibility, I kept my composure by just breathing. I know it sounds basic, but can you remember a situation in your life that just took your breath away? Did you have someone there to whisper in your ear “just breathe”? I felt like I did.


I attended both pre and post natal (with my baby) yoga classes and I don’t know where to begin to describe the benefits I’ve experienced. I learned breathing techniques which I used during pregnancy and labour and beyond: to get to sleep, to get through another sleep deprived day with a smile and a real sense of calm.

I found myself in a supportive environment facilitated by a great teacher who was a fountain of knowledge on all things baby and yoga. I met a great bunch of women, watched as our bumps swelled, then introduced our beautiful babies! I

learned stretches and postures which relieved back pain and strengthened my tired body. I don’t think I would have bounced back from birth with quite as much spark if I hadn’t attended Helen’s fantastic classes. Thank you!


A beautiful calm space. Pregnancy yoga is an empowering and encouraging experience.


I had a really positive birth of my son Jaiden and feel this was largely due to Helen’s teaching during the classes, as I was confident in my body’s ability and was able to apply many relaxation techniques I had learned.

I was also touched by such positive well-wishing in my last yoga class and the feeling of support from Helen, Aafke and the other ladies I have met through the classes.


Thank you so much for your wonderful classes and all your help!

We find you very inspiring and will miss our Sunday Astanga morning sessions!!

Sean and Candice