Autumn is the season that teaches us the beauty in change

It’s not always easy to go with the flow but Mother Earth teaches us to let go and accept change as we move through the seasons. Change is the only constant in life!
I’ve learnt to enjoy the peaceful, quiet times, accept that chaos is also the nature of things, and that yoga help us to navigate life with a smile and calm acceptance. We all need a path we can trust. Mine is to follow my heart. My head just confuses matters!

What’s your favourite season?

Ancient medical wisdom helps us navigate the seasons of the year in a way that supports physical and mental wellbeing. Every season has its own distinct qualities. What does the shift from summer to autumn feel like for you? Do you struggle to let go of the energy of summer or are you ready for the more gentle temperatures and light?

Autumn is the season of letting go of what no longer serves us. Just like trees drop their leaves, take some time to reflect on what aspects of life you could let go of. Perhaps there are some habits you would like to change and replace with more positive ones. Sometimes the ‘letting go’ is of something physical, sometimes emotional. Take sometime to reflect inward and see if you are ‘holding onto old leaves.’ Let them fall. They will ‘nourish your roots.’ They make space for fresh growth.

In the autumn we support the lungs and large intestines. These organs eliminate waste from the body. When they are working well we are able release what we no longer need, both physically and emotionally.  Yoga practises help support the lung and large intestine energy. When the energy is strong and flows freely around the body we are healthy, have good digestion and immunity and feel in balance with the world around us.

‘Everything happens for a reason’.

I used to think this was true but then my oldest son had a near fatal accident that made no sense as all! Now I believe that some things just happen, sometimes really shit things just happen and make no sense at all. We can try to find ways to grow from difficult times, or find patterns in amongst the chaos. Often we are inspired to make profound and meaningful changes. I am aware that I have become more appreciative, compassionate and understanding of the effects of trauma and disability but at the same time, like a flip side,  less tolerant of superficiality with much clearer boundaries around what I will and won’t accept in my life. About time too!

Namaste Helen