‘You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside.’

Every time we get on our mats we are essentially practising relaxing and being present. In the busy and stressful world we inhabit, these two states of being are are difficult for us modern human beings to achieve. A steady breath is key to being present and relaxed throughout our practice, not just for Savasana at the end. 

Come to your mat without expectation. The more challenging the practise the harder it is to maintain a flowing breath, the mind will want to wander and the body might not cooperate as we had hoped. Let the wisdom of the body lead you, rather than the minds memories or ideas of how it should be.
Can you take the experiences with you off your mat? Use the flow of the breath to stay present and relaxed in your day to day regardless of the challenges life presents.

In time, through a regular practise, we get better at controlling what goes on inside and life flows with more ease and less stress. That’s yoga.