Umina Beach Yoga’s first retreat a great success!

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Our early spring yoga retreat was a great success!   It was perfect, hugely relaxing and a much needed ‘time out’ for all involved. It was definitely the first of many Umina Beach yoga retreats!

We had such a positive response that we have already booked the retreat for
April 12th – 14th 2013.
Spaces are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.

We arrived at the beautiful billabong hideaway in the bush, all drifting in at different times as our schedules released us!  By late afternoon on Friday everyone was there, unpacking and settling in to the simple, comfortable accommodation.   It was not long before everyone visibly relaxed as the weight of life and responsibilities and children, partners, work, school etc…..was left behind.
Meals were delicious and plentiful. Our chef, Mignon, prepared amazing meals for us with great care and attention. The ingredients were fresh, organic and nutritious.  Meal times are a treat to look forward to at Billabong although we were so preoccupied with our yoga practise and experiencing time for ourselves that we’d only remember dinner time when the smells wafted towards us from the kitchen. Yum!
The yoga sessions were planned and prepared carefully according to the needs of the individuals. Carolyn and Helen enjoyed spontaneously recreating a class plan and taking everyone off in a slightly different direction because it instinctively felt like a better plan! As a result the yoga practise was very rewarding, therapeutic and healing.
It was not compulsory to join the yoga sessions so choosing to go for a solitary wander through the tall trees around the circular yoga studio was a perfect alternative…or just sitting quietly and listening to the birds.
Wood fires, chanting Om, watching a movie together while munching organic chocolate, lying back over a bolster with eyes covered in a lavender bag knowing there was nothing to do all day but relax, rediscover ourselves, let go and enjoy –  perfect moments!

Thanks to all who came for making it a blissful weekend!
Om …Om….Om……

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