Pre Recorded

Welcome to our library of pre recorded practises! We hope you enjoy them.
These videos are designed to help support your home practise and are included with the Multi Class Passes (monthly unlimited and 10 class pass).  Please contact us if you would like the password which changes monthly.

Just click on the style of yoga you would like to practise and use your password to access them.


Simple yoga sequences, foundation yoga poses, introduction to meditation and all the yoga basics. 


Flowing sequence of poses linked by the breath. Options to tailor the practise to suit your body, experience and energy level.


Gentle, slow and supported. Ideal for older students or those recovering from injury or illness.


A selection of different 20 minute meditations from our lunchtime meditation practises.

Morning Awaken Yoga

A Hatha style yoga practice that gets you ready for the day ahead, a combination of stretches to open the body, build flexibility, strength, and balance; connecting the breath and mind.


Specially designed yoga practises to support women in pregnancy and help prepare for their birth experience.


Supportive, nurturing yoga for the postnatal period.

Short Practises 

For when you don’t have time for an hour of yoga.

Restorative and Yoga Nidra  

The most gentle practise using bolsters and blankets to support the body in simple poses and a deep guided relaxation.


A slow practise in which hold poses for longer periods of time and access much deeper tissue within the body.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga practises for all with a focus on meditation.