Live streamed online yoga and meditation for you!

Online Yoga and Meditation has so many positives!:

*Great value – the whole family can join in!
*Good for your mental, emotional and physical health.
*Support local business

What people are saying about the online yoga:
I did two classes tonight with the new online format, and they were great!! It’s so fantastic we can still do our yoga practice from home, while feeling the connection to our great local yoga crew. x

‘Just completed my 3rd live stream yoga class this morning and I can highly recommend this new way of practicing.  I will admit in the first class it felt a bit strange but by the second class you are into the swing of it.  Also I have to say the hour break from notifications, breaking news, home schooling etc is a saviour at this point in time. Give it a go you won’t regret it.’

Booking Online Classes:

1. You book your class as usual through the live timetable on the website or the Mind Body app.

2. You will receive a confirmation email with your unique link to your online class and a password. If you don’t receive the email please let us know. It is probably because you have opted out of email notifications in your account. Also check your spam mail.

3. All you have to do is follow the link.

4. Zoom should automatically open on your laptop/computer.

5. Mind Body will record your attendance to the online classes.

6. We don’t anticipate any problems because our online set up is working really well, HOWEVER, If there are any problems with the online class, students will receive a refund.

7. Teachers will not be able to fix technology while teaching to a studio class!!

8. If this occurs students might like to do a pre recorded practise instead.

Please make sure you have opted in to receive email notifications!
Here is how to do that.
Follow this link to your account page : Umina Beach Yoga – My Account
Opt in to receive email and text notifications.

  1. Click on the My Info tab.
  2. Click on the Profile from the submenu.
  3. Click Edit in the Personal section.
    User-added image
  4. Under ‘What do you want to hear about,’ select the email and text boxes beside the ‘Reminders and schedule changes’.
  5. Click Save.

ZOOM for students

Any problems you can manually download Zoom here: https://zoom.us/download

For other devices you can download the Zoom app.

We are NOT recording students. If you have your video on you will not be recorded. It just means we can see you and other students can too.

If something goes wrong, please use the CHAT to let us know.

Teachers will MUTE ALL at start of class.

Please note it is easier to follow an online practise with a bigger screen.
Please ensure you leave additional time to log in to the class.
We will start punctually.
See you online!