More about yoga

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More about yoga

As yoga practitioners, Helen and I daily draw on the benefits that yoga brings to our lives – movement, energy, precious moments of peace. As teachers, one of the greatest frustrations is time limitations. And so as part of our newsletters this year we hope to be able to share a little of the theory and philosophy that is integral to the practice. Perhaps it will resonate, perhaps it will be meaningless. Take what you need and leave the rest. So lets start at the beginning.

YOGA – what makes it different to other forms of movement is….

The ancient science of yoga of yoga does not pretend to be simple, quick or easy – what yoga does promise,  is through sincere, skilful and consistent practice ANYONE can become peaceful, happy and free.

Most westerners begin yoga experience through the most tangible form – postures and breathing –  and this is a great place to begin.
The essential aim of yoga postures (asana’s) is to find an ease, strength in the four noble acts – sitting, standing, walking and lying down.
Asana’s help to realign and calm the nervous system – the road map of nerves that all essentially link back to the brain. Think of asana’s as a way of smoothing out kinks in our internal communications system – removing the “static or white noise”, bringing a calmer state – physically and mentally – helping the physical body to renew and restore.Distinguishing yoga asana from a stretch or callisthenic exercise is that in asana practice we aim to focus our minds’ attention completely in the body, move as a unified whole, and “hear” what our body has to tell US.  In the west we rarely do this – we watch TV whilst we stretch, we read a book while climbing the stairmaster, listen to IPOD whilst walking and jogging. A yoga class gives us time to reconnect with the body, and the breath by moving the body and the breath. It is not perfection of yoga postures that is the goal  – but a direct and expedient way to meet ourselves.”When we clean the wind shield of a car , we suddenly see the road ahead as bright and defined. The road, the image before us, is exactly as it was before we cleaned the window. The trees the same green, the sky the same blue, and the markers just as defined, only now we see what is there. We start to be able to see the potholes in the road ahead and avoid them. We start to remember such dangerous roads and steer our way clear to safer routes in the future.” Donna Farhi , Yoga Body & Spirit,  2000
Carolyn Glover

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