Nat is a certified Meditation Teacher and Mindfulness and Metaphysics Coach who empowers busy professionals to bring a sense of balance and calm to the overwhelm and pressures of their busy day. In 2015 Nat faced the devastating prospect of going blind – the catalyst that ignited her personal journey to explore techniques to help manage her anxiety around this life-changing situation. Whilst her hope was to live a fulfilling life despite her disability, mindfulness proved so powerful that four years later her vision was miraculously restored with surgery.
Today Nat loves to share the gift of mindfulness and the very techniques that have allowed her to create a life she loves, while still balancing the ups and downs of chronic pain and fatigue.
Nat Mallia is known for her light-hearted and relatable approach to teaching mediation and mindfulness. She will help you unravel the mysteries of mindfulness and become an expert at calming your thoughts and bringing balance and harmony back into your life.