Louisa is a qualified Yoga practitioner, Ceremonialist, Reiki healer, and nature lover.
Mixing her Yoga qualifications and arts background, she carefully laces her yoga classes and workshops with a taste of India and deep self-awareness, connecting the breath, mind, and body.
Her mission is to inspire all bodies, all abilities, and all humans to peel back the layers to their true selves through ancient yogic techniques and embodiment practices, sustainably and authentically.
Combining fitness, free movement, Ayurveda, Tantric intimacy and meditation – Louisa uses these tools in her classes, and lifestyle to cultivate compassionate self investigation and art.
Louisa believes walking a spiritual path does not have to be a serious journey, but instead, her sessions invite play, intuition, respect for yogic lineage, and accessibility to be free and love exactly where you are right NOW… as it’s all valid, juicy, and sacred.