A sprinkling of Christmas magic….. and a healthy dose of yoga 

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Sometimes the festive season is a few weeks of laughter, relaxation, merriment and good cheer, some days it feels like a dose of stress and anxiety, financial pressure and family tensions.

Some ideas that you might be able to use, to help bring peace, ease and wellbeing into your Christmas experience this year!

I wonder how it would feel this year if you…

  • Begin by taking a breath – transferring the practice of breath on the mat to the practice of a conscious breath regularly throughout the day. I have introduced the ritual of stopping the family before eating dinner and taking 3 deep breaths together – punctuating the transition towards family time together, grounding and bringing us into the present.
  • Create a mantra (or in corporate terms a mission statement) – Simplifying Christmas – Relaxed Christmas – No Stress – then referring back to this idea whenever making decisions to see if the choice made is in alignment with your chosen mantra.
  • Watch for the Christmas miracles – the feather floating by on the breeze, the sound of cicadas or the first raindrop in a summer storm
  • Give yourself a present – Take a walk, sit somewhere peaceful and listen to the birds….listen to a meditation track,  I
  • Remember – being happy and relaxed in ourselves, the rest will flow…
  • Think positively. Positive thoughts, words and actions go a long way. Positive body positions and body language will create the positive thoughts and emotions that we seek.
  • Smile, to yourself, at yourself, with yourself and feel natural endorphins kick in.


……And A simple Yoga Asana Practice to support

  • Your holiday practice might begin each day with 3 rounds of sun salutes – one for you, one for your friends and family and one for everyone. End here or …….
  • Follow with 3 standing poses, 3 back bends, 3 twists, 3 forward bends.
  • Choose an inversion to bring some blood and sanity back to the brain
  • Rest in savasana for 3 minutes – set you alarm and pop an eye bag on

Namaste and blessings