Yoga for Life Workshops

Yogic physiology and psychology

Experiencing the deeper layers of yoga and the self.

UBY is excited to offer a series of introductory workshops to students and yoga teachers to develop their understanding on this wonderful gift we call yoga.

Saturdays March 7th, 21st and April 4th. 3.00 – 5.00pm

1 workshop $35
2 workshops $60
3 workshops $75


GauriMa Grace
We welcome GauriMa Grace as a senior yoga teacher with 25 years’ experience of teaching yoga and teacher training. GauriMa taught yoga in the community, run retreats and lived for several years as a sannyasin at Mangrove yoga where she co-ordinated and taught on the Yogic studies diploma. GauriMa is also a trained psychotherapist, using transpersonal approaches to facilitate change. She is currently sharing her yogic knowledge with a new wave of yoga teachers through the Australian Learning Group, who are delivering a CertIV and Diploma in Yoga Teaching.

March 7th: Introduction to Prana and pranayama is the life force of all things, the ineffable energy that animates and enlivens the atoms from which we are made. This workshop will introduce the key yogic concepts of the pranic body and practices to explore the movement of prana for health and wellbeing. It will also explain how to integrate prana awareness into your current practice.

March 21st: Patanjali’s 8 limbs of yoga: taking yoga off the mat.
This workshop explores the 8 limbs of yoga and how they differ from the common experience of yoga in a regular class. Patanjali is said to have written the 8 limbs of yoga about 1600 years ago, creating a system that lays out yoga as much more than a series of asana practices but as a way to live a healthy life and ultimately transcend the limitation of the material form.

April 4th: Introduction to the Chakras and yogic psychology
This workshop clarifies chakra awareness as central to the teaching of modern yoga and will introduce participants to the rich wealth of imagery, practices and understanding of the human experience from this perspective. Understanding of the chakras provides a framework from which to view the self and the world.