Yin Immersions

Join our monthly Yin Immersions.
3rd Friday of the month 7.00 to 9.00pm.

Yin Yoga is a practice of holding specific poses for longer periods of time and moving the body to its individual, full range of motion. This allows for us to reach beyond the superficial muscular tissue of the body that we use every day, and aids the body to open up on a much deeper level, (accessing the deeper-set fascia and tissue that holds the body together, literally forming the shape of our physical beings). By doing this we are able to restore health and wellbeing by reducing stiffness and stagnation on a deep level, sending hydration and nutrients to the areas within the body that have been lacking them. We can therefore aid many issues within the body, (from back pain to plantar fasciitis) and create space around the main axis of the body, (the spine, hips and pelvis).

We practice safely and there is a focus on finding your own individual version of each pose within your body, so that you can learn to meet yourself where you’re at; receiving the full benefits of the practice on a beautifully individual level.