Kind Words


A beautiful calm space . Pregnancy yoga is an empowering and encouraging experience. – Hannah

Carolyn is an excellent yoga mentor this has been my first experience of Yoga and I really enjoy it and felt the benefits immediately – Kate Myers


Wish I could give this a 10 star rating!! I have been doing yoga here for a couple of years and absolutely LOVE it! Beautiful, calm and welcoming space with truly caring, inspiring and expert teachers. Couldn’t recommend more highly!! – Nikki


The team at Umina Beach Yoga have developed a really great place for me to enjoy Yoga. It’s relaxing, which is exactly what Yoga is all about, thanks.
– Belinda


Lovely website Carolyn, very inspiring. I am so happy to have found such a wonderful yoga class with a lovely patient instructor & what a venue! It takes my breath away! Love & and Light
– Jane


I look forward to every class! I always come out feeling more relaxed and less stressed than when I went in. Like the sun shining after a month of rain. I love how Carolyn makes you feel like you are the most important person to her, yet at the same time treats everyone equally and spends equal time with everyone. I especially love that the classes are not too big and she can adapt the postures for individual needs. She has a memory like an elephant and knows everyones special needs! Carolyn is so beautiful, peaceful, generous and humble sometimes I just enjoy spending time with her in the class. She has many attributes I would like to acquire. I highly recommend any class!
– Jenny


I had a really positive birth of my son Jaiden and feel this was largely due to Helen’s teaching during the classes, as I was confident in my body’s ability and was able to apply many relaxation techniques I had learned. I was also touched by such positive well-wishing in my last yoga class and the feeling of support from Helen, Aafke and the other ladies I have met through the classes.
– Jane


I think it is a very rare and special thing Helen is offering. I feel very blessed to be having my second birth on the Central Coast with the support that has been available. I think the opportunity to ‘rehearse’ the labour experience is invaluable for all, and will hopefully lead to many more happy, peaceful births.
– Mia

I find it hard to be still. I could never meditate or slow my thoughts. Yoga changed that for me. I learned to breathe. I learned to take big, deep, slow breaths in. I learned to exhale out not only air, but pain and worry and fear. These breaths gave me the strength to experience a natural, quiet, calm birth, without intervention, without any distractions to disrupt that all important post natal time. The benefit didn’t stop there. These deep breaths also gave me strength when I needed it most. They stopped me becoming depressed when I was separated from my baby by 100km during her first night (as well as a good ol’ cry to my mum) and spent the night in a maternity ward alone. I breathed my way through walking Ruby to surgery, I still don’t know how my legs worked that day. When we were told about CF being a real possibility, I kept my composure by just breathing. I know it sounds basic, but can you remember a situation in your life that just took your breath away? Did you have someone there to whisper in your ear “just breathe”? I felt like I did.
– Danielle


I attended both pre and post natal (with my baby) yoga classes and I don’t know where to begin to describe the benefits I’ve experienced. I learned breathing techniques which I used during pregnancy and labour and beyond: to get to sleep, to get through another sleep deprived day with a smile and a real sense of calm. I found myself in a supportive environment facilitated by a great teacher who was a fountain of knowledge on all things baby and yoga. I met a great bunch of women, watched as our bumps swelled, then introduced our beautiful babies! I learned stretches and postures which relieved back pain and strengthened my tired body. I don’t think I would have bounced back from birth with quite as much spark if I hadn’t attended Helen’s fantastic classes. Thankyou!
– Amelia


Thankyou so much for your wonderful classes and all your help! We find you very inspiring and will miss our Sunday Astanga morning sessions!!
-Sean and Candice