Taste of Balinese Yoga

Saturday 23rd March @ 12.00-1.15pm

This yoga immersion is an experience of Balinese yoga as taught by Guru Made Sumantra (GMS) received from RSI Markandaya*.

GMS teaches that yoga is a life practice that brings happiness. This yoga is a ‘smile in your heart’ experience and it is with a joyful heart that Nicole shares these teachings.

The class is suitable for the beginner through to more experienced practitioner of yoga and will focus on Hatha practices that train us to unite, awaken and harmonise Surya (Sun) energy and Chakra energy( our energy centres). Doing a yoga practice is a wonderful thing, with many immediate benefits, to go beyond this is to ‘be’ the yoga practice, this is Balinese Yoga, an intuitive practice that honours your conditions.

Nicole will provide you with the guidance, motivation and understanding that a gentle but powerful Balinese yoga practice is the way forward to maintain a strong, healthy, happy, light, joyful mind/body/true self that is in a comfortable relationship with one and all.

Hatha Yoga emphasises posture (asana), breathing (pranayama), visualisation, and integrative relaxation. GMS sees it as the dance of body movement which is harmoniously united with breath as we connect to our true self.

A delicious, nurturing immersion you will not want to miss!

(*an ancient Rishi (sage) from the Hindu tradition who helped bring spirituality and peace to Bali and spread the theory of yoga in the 2nd century AD ).

Workshop is $20

Places are limited. Booking and prepayment required.
For more information contact Nicole: 0404842601 or namasteyoga@icloud.com