open yoga

Our open yoga classes are suitable for everyone from beginners to experienced students.

Each class is structured around a balanced sequence of asana (yoga poses), a focus on the breath and inward reflection to help quieten the mind.

Practising these asana regularly will improve muscle tone and flexibility in a safe and effective way.

The yoga practise reduces physical and emotional stress and enables the body to function more effectively so you will experience increased energy levels, stronger immunity and a deep sense of well being.

We will assess individual students during the class and offer different variations of the postures to suit individual levels of experience.

We finish each class with a short guided meditation and relaxation leaving the mind and body quiet, calm and revitalised.

Our classes are kept small to ensure personalised attention.

The studio is fully equipped with props and blankets to make sure you get the most out of your practise and are always comfortable.

Each teacher brings different influences to their style of teaching so although the open classes have a common thread they will vary.

“Yoga has changed my body, over the years I have developed a greater capacity for self healing, inner strength and added mental and emotional balance.” Carolyn