New Students



Hi there and a big warm welcome to Umina Beach Yoga from Helen and Carolyn!!  We are so happy you have decided to join us. We pride ourselves in being a friendly, inclusive, down-to-earth yoga community.
Below is some information to help you get started. When you book your first class you will receive a welcome email with lots more information to help you join your online class.  There is more information about our online classes here.


Class styles

Beginners – beginner yoga sequences, foundation yoga poses, simple meditation and all the yoga basics. Yoga is more than asana.

Flow – yoga poses flow together in a sequence with focus on the breathe and options to tailor the practise to suit your body and energy level.

Gentle – gentle, slow and supported. Ideal for older students or those recovering from injury or illness.

Lunchtime Meditation – Daily 20 minute meditation classes at 1.00pm during the week. All profits donated to the wildlife charity Aussie Ark.

Restorative and Yoga Nidra – the most gentle practise using bolsters and blankets to support the body in simple poses and a deep guided relaxation.

Yin – a slow practise in which hold poses for longer periods of time and access much deeper tissue within the body.

Yoga and Meditation – combining accessible yoga pose practises with more traditional meditation techniques.

Yoga Fit Fusion – blends balance, strength, flexibility and some light hearted dance moves to keep that joy thing flowing.

ZenThai Flow – integrates flowing yoga postures with the philosophies of the Chinese Five Elements and meridians.

Kids – Fun-filled yoga classes for children of all ages.

Pregnancy and Birth– yoga practises and ‘tools’ to help prepare women for their birth experience.

Mums and Bubs – supportive, nurturing yoga for mums with their bubs.


Which class will suit me?

We offer a wide ranges of yoga styles to ensure there is a class that suits you best. Classes vary from the most dynamic to deeply restorative and everything in between. Whatever your age, experience and ability we have classes for you. We also offer private group and individual tuition.

We are here to help you find the perfect class for your specific needs. Please get in touch!  We love to talk about all things yoga.


New students fill in our short registration form. We recommend you book classes through our live timetable (or download the Mindbody app).  Please remember to cancel if you can’t come. You can cancel online or send us an sms so we know your plans have changed.
Here is more information about class prices and booking.
When you book your first class you will receive a welcome email with lots more information to help you  join your online class.
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What should I expect?

Expect to feel both calm and energised at the end of a class. You may find you sleep better, cope better with stress and improve your creativity shortly after starting regular yoga classes. You’ll also feel stronger, more balanced and clearer in your mind and body.

Read more information about yoga here.


If you have any further questions please call Helen 0431 732 143 or Carolyn 0414 500 268