Kelly Sunartha

Kelly Sunartha is a local yoga teacher to Umina Beach and Ettalong, and mum to her two young girls Jasmine and Mali. She has has been practising yoga for the last 18 years and is recognised and accredited as as Senior Level Yoga teacher with Yoga Australia.
Having recently sold her Sydney-based studio, Yoga Sivana which she founded in Mosman in 2010, she now brings her unique blend of teaching to the Central Coast.

Her journey into yoga…

Kelly has attended numerous yoga teacher trainings and workshops both nationally and internationally. Having been interested in the mind-body connection and metaphysics from a young age, she first began practising yoga during her school years and throughout university as she studied a double major at Macquarie University in Philosophy and English- for which she was awarded acceptance into the Golden Key Honour Society.

After her studies and a long trip around the globe, in 2007 she landed in India where she undertook her initial Yoga Diploma, which gave her a solid grounding in the Hatha/Traditional Ashtanga style of yoga (in the tradition of Patanjali). At the ashram, her studies explored not only the postures, but the whole 8-limb system of yoga, inclusive of breath work, meditation, yoga philosophy and lifestyle.
With this foundation in a more traditional Eastern style of yoga, she has gone on to do further trainings and learn from many world-renowned teachers such as Mark Breadner (Yoga Coach), Nicole Walsh (In Yoga), Ana Davis (Bliss Baby Yoga), Sarah Powers (Yin/Insight Yoga) and Seane Corn (Off the Mat, Into the World), who come from a variety of styles and traditions.

Kelly is an honorary allumni amassador for Lululemon Athletica and Volunteer with the Wake Up Project. She has also trained as a Dharma Coach/Life Coach, which uses journaling and meditation practises to connect students to their inner wisdom and live a life that is aligned with their “Dharma” or highest purpose.

What to expect from her classes?

Kelly’s own classes lean towards a blend of Hatha, Slow-flow Vinyasa and Yin/Restorative styles of yoga. She is also a qualified Prenatal Teacher, Yoga Therapist & Coach. (Health Fund Rebates may be available.)

Kelly brings her love of philosophy and her inquisitive nature into her yoga classes, often sharing mindfulness-based poetry and short readings, or theming her yoga classes to encourage students to look within and take their own journey of self-development and personal transformation.

With a naturally gentle and nurturing presence, she helps to inspire students to take their yoga practise off the mat and into their lives.

“For me, the best type of yoga practise is one that reveals us to our self. Yoga is all about connection, so a great class is one that shows us our habits and patterns of where we disconnect or avoid showing up within the body and the present moment, and leaves us feeling -reconnected and at home within our self.”