Hatha yoga combines asana ( yoga postures – both gentle and dynamic movement) , pranayama ( breathing techniques) and mantra ( chanting) to create a sense of  harmony, inner peace and stillness (meditation).

“Ha” meaning sun and “Tha” meaning moon, the practice of Hatha yoga aims to balance opposing energies. We will often apply opposing energies within the body to create support and balance through joints and limbs.

Flowing movements increase circulation and blood flow, and standing and balance poses to promote steadiness and firmness in the body. Some classes focus on specific areas in the body, some classes have a more meditative approach.

Most importantly though is that in these classes ALL yoga postures are able to be adapted and modified to suit different physical requirements and levels of experience.

Our classes are kept small to ensure personalised attention.

The studio is fully equipped with props and blankets to make sure you get the most out of your practise and are always comfortable.

“Yoga has changed my body, over the years I have developed a greater capacity for self healing, inner strength and added mental and emotional balance.” Carolyn