Cass Lebrocque


Cass Lebroque is a  fun-loving, adventure seeker who established a love for Pilates 18 years ago.

‘I started practicing whilst at university it was my first introduction to a form of mindfulness and helped me immensely whilst coping with the pressures of study. Post-uni I knew this form of exercise was “My Thing” the passion was locked in! I continued to take part in Pilates classes alongside my office job, love of extreme sports (mountain biking, skateboarding, hiking, and snowboarding) and pregnancy. Pilates is my rock, that thing that grounds me, it has helped me to remain strong, prevent injury, and heal quickly post-birth. I turned to teaching in 2016 and have really enjoyed this journey, teaching is in my blood with both parents and grandparents taking up this profession. It brings me so much joy to share this form of exercise with anyone who is curious to learn more. It is a beautiful workout for the core and supports the lengthening and strengthening of muscles (even the smallest of muscle groups), improves alignment, treats injuries, increases flexibility, nurtures the breath, and calms the mind. I’m excited to be working with Umina Beach Yoga and look forward to seeing you on the mat. Cass x’